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How to make money from your YouTube videos

Making money from your YouTube videos follows the same pattern as your Google Adsense account. You give Google permission to place advertising, they do so, and your account is credited. Google uses the term *Monetize*, which I guess means turning something into money. I had never heard the term before, and I've been around a while!

In order to do this, you have to play fair. In spite of the huge amount of plagiarized and illegally-posted YouTube videos, the content should be original. If you use music, get permission, like I did from artist Kent Heckaman. Or use the audio swap that is built into YouTube. If you're stealing copyrighted stuff, I'm not talking to you. And it's why I lock up my bike when I go places, people like you.

If your videos are eligible candidates, you will get an email from YouTube suggesting that you *monetize* them. To do this, sign into your YouTube channel, take a look at your list of videos, and click on *Monetize*. That will take you to a page that will ask if you are playing fair, not stealing somebody's copyrighted stuff, and can give some type of evidence. I gave them the information on Kent Heckaman's music, which is the only non-audio-swap music that I use on videos. You are also asked to write a brief description, which I guess helps if you haven't already written a good description, which, well, you should have. YouTube reviews your videos and if they are eligible, they become part of your Adsense account.

Then, like your Google Adsense account, all you have to do is lean back and watch the cash come rolling in!