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How to make a sales pitch to people who don't want to hear a sales pitch

Yesterday, someone knocked on my door. When I opened it, he began by saying, "I'm not a salesman..." - and he expected me to believe that? I closed the door with a very firm "no". Like most people I hate to be bothered by a salesman. I hate pop-up windows on web sites and I hate commercials on TV. Getting your sales message to someone like me is pretty near impossible, but there is one way that you can sneak one by. It's by using a survey.

If you send someone a survey, they are under the impression that you want to hear their opinion, maybe give some feedback on a problem you had with one of their products. So a good sales survey will start with language that sounds like a survey, and then will ease into the sales pitch by asking, "did you know... (product/service pitch)". I just started one from Apple, and when I got to the pitch about the app store, I had to smile. Got me!

A neat trick!