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Making the most of modern technology

I grew up in the 20th century and have adapted to new technology quickly. As a graphic designer and a teacher, I am a big believer of making full use of technology to make your job and your life better. Like most people, I don't consider myself a "techie geek", but just someone who wants to get through their job and their life as painlessly as possible. I am not fascinated by technology for its own sake, I am fascinated by what it can do for me. And if you are going to make the most of modern technology, that's what you have to ask - what's in it for me?

The most important thing that you can do is to understand what modern technology is. No, it's not just computers or cell phones, it's every invention made since the beginning of civilization that makes our lives better and easier. If you use the technology correctly, you can live comfortably in a complex world.

A piece of technology that I have been using all of my adult life is the road map. With a road map, you can navigate the streets of any city. And yet I've seen people all my life who are proud to say that they can't read a map, and who have to call one of their relatives if they get lost. Well, at least they are using a telephone!

Yes, telephones are part of modern technology. And there was a time when the idea of creating, printing and distributing road maps was the latest thing. There was a time when the latest modern technology was the wheel. Speaking for myself, I am always anxious to try out new technologies. If they work for me, I keep them, if they don't, they're gone. My enthusiasm for new technologies makes me an enthusiastic teacher.

Did you know that you can check out digital books free from your local library right from your computer? I love this kind of stuff.