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Teaching beginning classes in Adobe software

I pride myself on being very good at teaching beginning classes. I have personally attended many supposedly *beginning* classes only to find out that the teacher was assuming more than I could possibly know and was teaching at an intermediate or advanced level. I felt like saying, *what part of INTRODUCTORY do you not understand?* If you have ever had a teacher or a trainer like this, please throw a brick at him or her. Don't hit them, but do throw the brick.

If you sign up for a beginning class from me in Adobe Illustrator, I am going to assume that you know how to use a computer, write an email, surf the net, use a mouse, but that's about it. If you already knew about vectors and segments, you shouldn't have signed up for the beginning class. If you find yourself in a beginning class asking about advanced procedures, etc., please stop. Talk to me at the break, maybe I can help. But I am not going to turn a beginning class into an intermediate class just to accommodate one person. If everybody in the class is drawing vectors at warp speed, I will move the class along. But this has rarely happened to me in fifteen years of teaching. Usually there is one person in the class who knows more than everyone else and expects the class to change for them.

Well, I won't leave nineteen people fogged just to help one person out of twenty. So, if you sign up for a beginning class and you see my name there as the trainer, relax. We will build a solid foundation together, from the beginning up!