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Watching what you say on the web

Back in the nineties, while I was attending a corporate seminar on diversity or sexual harassment, a woman who was a stranger to me at my table turned to me and said, "Do I have to watch everything I say?" I said, "Well, yes."

I still feel that way. If you are worried about embarrassing things that you say or do ending up being displayed in public, well, don't do them. I've watched the web turn into a horror by the anonymous people, the same ones that drive like lunatics behind dark tinted windows and who visit banks with ski masks.

The web is a public place. If you don't know how to behave in public, then you don't belong there. When I leave my house I comb my hair and wear a clean shirt. And it doesn't have obscenity written on it. People in public can see my face, they can easily learn my name. No, I don't put on a tuxedo and top hat, but I am as aware than I am in public as I write this as when I talk to friends in a booth at Denny's.

I've watched the web get better. No, we won't be able to eliminate all of the lunatics and bad guys who show up in public. And if are neither of those are you, I ask you to behave yourself in public. You know how to do it.