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What to do when you lose your job

I have been fortunate to have had several great jobs in the field of Graphic Design in my career. Unfortunately, I have been laid off several times. Every once in a while I meet someone who has had the same job since college, but they are rare. I'm not trying to bring any bad karma down on you, but even superstars lose their jobs. In every one of the jobs that I lost I had been a superstar, with my bosses raving about me in reviews, with pay raises galore. When it ends, it really stinks.

But what you do when it ends makes all of the difference. Every time that I lost a job, I immediately made getting a new one my full-time job. And as far as my relationship to the company was concerned, it was a positive one. They had paid me, and paid me well, during the time I was there. I had signed up for no more, expected no more, and got no more. When the curtain came down, I took my bow and immediately started bragging about me and the company.

I didn't do anything wrong to lose these jobs, circumstances just changed. My first corporate job after college was at a company that was doing everything it could to keep from going bankrupt. They shut down huge parts of their organization in a desperate effort to keep their cash flow going. It was a harsh lesson for me to learn when I was so young, but I learned it. The next company I worked for was in pretty much the same predicament, and was rescued, for a while, by a by-out from another company. That was nice while it lasted, but it didn't last. When new management moves in, expect changes. And the new management doesn't know that you are a superstar.

People have been losing jobs, getting laid off, and getting new jobs since the idea of *jobs* began. It's a war zone out there, and there are plenty of people with battle scars.