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Why there are free websites

Free websites exist for the same reason that free newspapers and magazines exist - advertising. If you have ever wondered where the money comes to support a website, including the hosting fees and the cost to have people update and maintain the site, the answer is easy - advertising.

Even magazines and newspapers that you pay for are supported largely by advertising. If there were no advertising in the magazine that you like to read regularly you would have to pay the entire cost, which would be considerable. And if you think magazines and newspapers are expensive now, imagine what they would cost if most of it wasn't underwritten by advertisers.

As a marketing person, I know the importance of promotion and advertising. And even the most popular and best-selling products in the world advertise, or they would die. Look at Coca-Cola. They wouldn't pay for those spectacular commercials and the ads if they didn't have to!

If you think that everything on the web should be free, and without advertising, then really you are asking someone else to pay for what you use. But I understand how you feel if you hate advertising! Personally, I can't stand watching "free" TV because of all of the commercials, so I purchase what I want to watch on iTunes. A service like this Google Blogger, which is free, is fun, but if it goes away tomorrow, I will be disappointed, but I won't be out of business. Everything that is truly important to my business I pay for, such as my computer, the software, the web hosting. What is happening here is that I am providing Google with unique content that they can use it to wrap advertising around. It helps me to promote my company, and it helps Google, too. It's a classic win/win situation. We understand each other.