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Adapting to the new technology

I've been listening to people complain about technology all of my life. Well, maybe not listening, actually trying not to listen. If you are in a position that makes you feel stupid because the technology around you is suddenly changing, I have news for you. It's always been that way, and hopefully it always will.

As a species, our success depends on our intelligence. Humans have been inventing new technologies for as long as there have been humans. And the humans who adapted to the new technology survived, and thrived. I would like to believe that I would have been one of the first cave men who had the new technology - fire.

When I was starting my Graphic Design career in the late 80s, the newest technology was the *personal computer*. And, yep, the old-timers had no interest in adapting. I took the jobs away from people who couldn't, or wouldn't, adapt. And someone may be taking a job away from you today if you don't adapt. If you have a fear, or dislike, of new technology, here are some ways that you can begin to adapt:

• Compare a current technology to something you already know. There really isn't anything new under the sun, everything is just an evolution of what we already have. If you've never written an email, think about people who had to learn how to use a *telephone*. Does that sound funny? I'm serious here - it just seemed easy to use because you grew up with it. Many people had to learn the strange process of talking into a box and listening to something held up to their ear. Now, that must have been weird!

• Realize that everybody is in the same situation as you. A new technology is new to everyone. No one has years of experience with something that was just invented this year. If someone seems confident around a brand-new piece of technology, they are just acting. They don't know.

• Learn what it is called, and learn to pronounce it correctly. This won't make you an expert, but it will make you sound like you have some expertise. When your great-great grandfather said, *I don't know about them-there telly-phonetics, or whatchacallit*, it's the same thing people hear today when you say *e-mailers!*

• Try it. If you really want to know what an iPad is for, get one. Reading about it and talking about it just won't do. Spend the money and time and go get it. You will learn what it is for, and you will do more than just adapt, you will put it to work for you.

I have made fire!