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How often you should update your photo on the web

As a professional promoting yourself, you should update your photo on the web yearly, or at the very least every two years. That includes pictures of you on your website, on your blogs, Twitter, well, everywhere. This is not only the most professional thing to do, it really does make you look good. And it's also good to look at all the places that you have posted your photo, which you should have been doing all along, but is hard to keep track of.

I am a teacher and a trainer, and my face has been exposed for over fifteen years. You may recognize me as "they guy who did the video on how to draw perspective" for high schools back in the 90s. Or you might not. I have brought my face to every class I've done, so thousands of people have had to look at me. And I named my business *Brad Hall Art*, and my website after myself. This is no place for someone who wants to be shy, or anonymous.

And using your face is more than just showing off your expensive dental work! From a marketing standpoint, it makes people more comfortable. I doubt that I would want to hire someone who came to the interview with their face hidden. And believe me, people like your face!

Here are some suggestions:

• Avoid a stiff-looking formal portrait. Remember that you are trying to look approachable. A trick that I learned a long time ago is to face your body sideways and then turn your head to the camera. I don't know why this works, but it usually does.

• Avoid a glamour shot. Unless, of course, you are a model or an actor, don't try to look like one. Save the *bedroom eyes* for private. Please.

• View the photo really, really small. Some photos look great when enlarged, and look terrible when small. Test it. If you don't like it, take another one. And you can do this with an ordinary digital camera. There is no need to have a professional with a large format camera take a photo that will display so small. Do it yourself.

• If you wear glasses normally, wear glasses in the photo. A lot of people wear glasses, and they look fine. So do you. But no sunglasses! Please.

• Take it easy on the Photoshop stuff, but do use Photoshop if you have it. Use Photoshop to lighten or darken an image, or to remove a pimple. But don't get carried away, or you will look like an alien. Don't do that!

Now go update that photo!