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How to check how much money your blog is making

In the new Blogger interface, *monetize* has now been changed to *earnings*. You will still find the word *monetize* on a lot of other Google stuff, such as YouTube, but on Blogger, they have changed the name, and also created a little icon of an awards cup with a star on it. No, I have no idea of their thought process here, but I doubt that they are intentionally making things difficult for their users. This kind of stuff is usually just the honest mistakes of poor design. When they get tired of the term *earnings*, like they did with *monetize*, they will probably come up with an even more obscure term, maybe *emolument* or *stipend*. Yes, I looked those up.

I was just getting used to the term *monetize*. If Google used the term *money*, everyone would understand it, because that's why we allowed them to put their ads on our blogs and web pages. I don't recall looking forward to getting an award cup with a star on it. But the designers are probably standing around, smiling, and saying, *that's just what they would expect us to do!*

Seriously, I think they mean well.