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How to design a logo for a client

Logo design is one of the things that Graphic Designers do. I've been doing logos all of my career, and have also taught logo design. And I always have my students keep in mind that they are designing for a client. Your clients gets to call the shots because they are paying for it.

One of the most important things that you can do is to offer your client choices. I recommend three different looks thematically, with minor variations (color, etc.) on that theme. That's about twelve different designs for your client to see initially. As a creative person, of course, you can do a lot more, but that's plenty for your client to see in one sitting.

A question that I am often asked is, "what if the clients chooses a bad design?" And my answer has always been that you shouldn't show your client a bad design. If you want your client to pick a good design, be sure that everything you show them is good. If you can't do that, well, maybe Graphic Design isn't for you.

Arm-twisting and arguing with your client is not the same thing as doing good design. If you have skills in argument and are very persuasive, perhaps you should be a salesperson, or a lawyer. A good designer designs. How many designs can you do? My students have often asked me that, and my answer is that I can keep coming up with new designs as long as my client can keep coming up with money.

Like all of the design work I do, I charge for logos by the hour. I give an estimate in advance, and get an OK before I begin. I have a lot of experience doing this, and I listen to my clients, so it usually doesn't take a long time. I can design a logo like this one for Entertaining Message Media, including small refinements, in about three hours. Adobe Illustrator.