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How to get to what used to be called dashboard in Blogger

The new Blogger interface has taken away the dashboard, which was the one place that I sent my clients who were using Blogger. The functions are still there, but are now on an unnamed page, which I guess you can call *mostly white space page* or similar. You get to *mostly white space page* by clicking the word *Design* in the upper right hand corner of the page. I had always thought that it was strange that Design took you to Dashboard, but at least it had a name.

When you get to *mostly white space page*, it drops you off in Template, which, of course, is the least-used function. Most people set up their template when they set up their blog and maybe change it right afterwards. After that, there really is no reason to go to Template. But the Google designers apparently wanted to show off their cool templates, so that's where you go. And they are cool.

In addition to Template, you can choose Overview, Posts, Pages, Comments, Stats, Earnings, Layout, and Settings. Overview isn't really very helpful, so you can skip that. It gives Google a chance to promote themselves a bit. What you want is Posts. Yes, I know to you they are pages, but pages are a completely different thing to Blogger, which you can also ignore. Stats, which is short for statistics, is fun because you can see how popular you are. Layout is thankfully about the same as it was before, except for the fact that they have some of the type in blue on a light blue background. Poor design, so hopefully you have a monitor with excellent contrast. Template you can ignore also. If you are tempted to change your template, don't! That will just annoy your regular readers. Settings is essentially the same as it was back in the old dashboard days. Export blog, by the way, is now hidden behind a link called *Other* under *Settings*. I strongly recommend that you export your blog regularly to back it up to your computer. Go look for it and do it now.

I have sent in a request to Google, using their feedback form, for them to put a name on the page formerly known as dashboard. I kind of like dashboard, but any name is better than nothing.