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How to turn off the annoying Code Navigator icon in Dreamweaver

One of the most annoying things that pops up when you are editing type in Dreamweaver is the Code Navigation Icon button. It looks like a little steering wheel from a ship, and it pops up and gets in the way where you are typing. I finally had enough of this and figured out how to make it go away. I'm sure that it's a useful tool, but it's like a roller skate on the steps when I am just editing text.

It's a sneaky little devil as it seems to wait a few seconds to cover up what you're typing, just long enough for you to think you're safe. Having boxes, etc., pop up while you're working is just wrong. I'm guessing that the designers at Adobe don't ever edit web pages, or this would have been disabled long ago.

Anyway, to disable it on a Mac, click command+option, and a box appears and you can click another little box that says *disable*.

It does have a tendency to come back as you move around the page. Just repeat the process to disable it. I wish they wouldn't do this stuff, but they do!

For Windows, see the comment below by +Brian Johnson. Thank you, Brian!