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How to use the internet to get a job

The days of going door-to-door, or calling people on the phone, or mailing resumes have been over for a very long time. If you are suddenly in the position of looking for a job, and haven't done it for twenty years, you may feel like the world has changed a lot. It has. You will have to adapt to it, or you will fail.

By all means, spend some time ranting and raving about how things used to be. Find some old friends who can recall 8-track tapes, and see if you can top each other about how much better life was back in the day than it is now. Get it out of your system. And then get busy.

The first thing that you will need to do is get an email address. Interestingly enough, email harks back to the old days when the courteous thing was to take the time to write a letter. It's still true. Picking up the phone, or stopping by, might be easier for you than taking the time to write, but it's rude. If you are so out of touch with this piece of etiquette, don't be surprised if people don't call you back. They are sending you a clear message - write!

When you get your email address, whatever you do, don't call people and try to spell it out. I don't know how many times newbies to email have tried to say their email address to me. *Let's see, it's simple, it's just my last name, spelled backwards, then PQ, wait, I mean QPZ...* If you have already made this mistake, you know what I mean. Put your cell phone down. Spelling out your email address on the phone is a sure-fire way to annoy people. Don't do that.

Don't write a *resume*. But you will need to get all of that information together. Today, it's called a *profile* and the very best place to do it is on Don't worry, it's free and all you have to do is follow along. Speaking of which, don't even think about paying for some type of job search service! Everything that you need is free on the web. These websites make money through advertising, so they want you to use their pages. Do so.

Writing a business email isn't as formal as writing an old-fashioned letter, but it should be complete. It should look like this

Dear Brad
I am interested in working at XYZ Widgets at the Honolulu office. I live in Honolulu and have ten years experience with Widgets.
Stanley Ukridge


I wannawork foR U.

If you are intimidated by all of the new technology, don't be. It's all there for a reason, and once you know the reason, you will understand. And if you are qualified, and willing to work, you will find that job!