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The importance of advertising

If you want to promote your product or service, it's a good thing to advertise. An ad, such as the one at left, grabs attention and encourages people to find out more. I found it ironic this morning that as I was surfing I found an ad that advertising that they don't take ads. Which seems to be like putting up a billboard that says you don't put up billboards.

Anyway, since advertising is so necessary for businesses, be sure to make sure that they are part of your marketing mix, along with PR. All I ask is that they are not obnoxious. I'm a Graphic Designer, and I have made a career of designing advertising that not only does the job, but looks good, too. This ad, by the way, gets my personal *thumbs up* for design. The headline is short and bold and the graphic is simple and arresting. It has a subhead, which is important, too. Getting people to click on your ad means offering enough explanation so that they know what to expect.

It's important to advertise, as the *we don't take ads* site shows us!

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