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The new Blogger interface

Software designers like to change things the same way that some people like to move furniture around. Everything was just fine the way it was, but wouldn't it be cool if this was moved over there, and this over there, and this over there. I really shouldn't complain, as a software trainer for the past twenty years, this has provided me with a lot of business. Still, it's annoying. And they have been doing this ever since I started using graphics software in the 1980s. The software itself really doesn't change, they just move around the buttons. Sometimes they put in little tiny pictures and remove the words. Note the picture of a pencil, which means *Create new post*. Luckily, you can roll over it. When is the last time anyone wrote something with a pencil? Actually, it looks more like a crayon. Are they insulting me?

Nowadays, software designers are encouraging you to use the new interface or, if you prefer, revert back to classic. Eventually the classic is going to go away, so it's best to learn the new interface. If we could all vote, we would prefer to leave things the way they were, but that's not how it works. It's kind of like one day getting up to go to work to find that the city has moved around all of the streets and the old streets will be going away in a few months. It makes no sense, but you have no choice.

The new blogger interface is typical of the type of update that is done with web-based applications. Part of it is new, and part of it is old. That is, part of it is familiar, and part of it is annoying and time-consuming to re-learn. Not the end of the world, just a nuisance. And of course, as they find mistakes in the new interface, they will move things around again.

So, I recommend that you bite the bullet and learn the new Blogger interface. If it makes you feel better, go rant somewhere, but you can't stop them from doing this. The only time I ever saw a *new and improved* product go back to the classic product, was back in the 1980s with Coca-Cola. Those were the days!