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September 16, 2011

Turning your success on the web into money

I'm a Graphic Designer, and I've always been interested in Marketing, so when I hear someone talking about how many zillion hits or *likes* or comments they have gotten on their blog, or YouTube video, or whatever, I tend to ask an embarrassing question:

How is it making money for you?

Of course, there are many other reasons for blogging, etc. than making money, but, well, I'm a marketing person. And I can't help but think, *hey, you could get rich doing that!*

There are many examples of people on the web who have gone on to fame and fortune who just starting blogging about what interests them. I've been following Lisa Lillien's rise to success as Hungry Girl for years now. And she is doing it right!

The first thing that she did after attracting a bazillion followers (including me - she's great) is to get some books published. Yes, real paper books that are sold in bookstores and on Amazon. That translated into real money. And there is still a lot of money in publishing! After that, she attracted the notice of The Food Network, and is now hosting her own TV show. And yes, it's making money for her. Lisa was, of course, already very wealthy, so her enthusiasm for her subject, which is food, is driven by sincerity, not greed. She didn't need the money, she is just one of those people who gets excited about her subject.

Lisa did everything right. She wrote a blog, then got on Facebook, created a YouTube channel, that sort of thing. Things that you can do for free. Her husband is a producer in Hollywood, so she had the advantage of great production values on the videos, but they would have been just as good with just her. All she needed was a kitchen, some food, and her smile!

I have admit that I really like her cartoons, too! You can do this!

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