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Updating a post in the new Google Blogger interface

Unfortunately, when you update an older post in the new interface in Google Blogger, after you hit *update* (which used to be *publish*) instead of giving you a link to be able to view it, Blogger just takes you to a list of all of your posts, of which I have hundreds. Since I want to view the corrections (and not in preview), I have found this workaround to find the post again. I hope that they fix this, but until they do, this is what I am doing:

After clicking *update*, and getting the screen with the list of all your posts on it, go to the search box and type in some of the title of the post you just updated. From there, you will get a link to go directly to it. Not a great solution, but it's the best that I have come up with. The search box, by the way, is waaay over on the right next to text that says *All labels*. There is a box with an icon of a magnifying lens with a very stubby handle. The new Blogger interface spreads everything across the whole width of the browser, instead of containing it in the center, so that on a fairly large screen, like mine, it gets pretty much lost.

My wish list for Blogger is to bring back the ability to view an older post that you just updated, and to contain their layout no wider than 1000 pixels, which has been pretty much web standard for years.