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Using a current photo of yourself on your blog or website

If you are in a business where people will see your face, which I am, as a personal trainer, it's good to have a current photo of yourself on your blog or website. If the photo you have is, uh, a little out of date, then you are immediately communicating that you aren't entirely truthful. Sure, you like that photo, but do you really look like that any more?

And before you post any photos of yourself, ask yourself why you are doing it. For some businesses, it isn't necessary to go plastering your picture everywhere. If you have a furniture store, show furniture. No one really cares what you, your family, and your dogs look like. But if you are presenting yourself as an expert, whether it be which landscape plants are appropriate for your climate, or which software programs to use, then you have a real reason to show your face.

And show us the face that you use in public. Not what you used to look like *back in the day*!