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What Google calls money

If you are like me, and signed up for Adsense, so that Google could place ads on your blogs and web pages, you are naturally curious about how much money you are making. I teach software and web design, so I pride myself on being able to understand, conceptually, how something works. And as a teacher, I am a firm believer in starting your education on a particular subject by learning what it called. That's an old proverb, that just means that learning the name of something give you the very first step in learning about it. But this one is getting tricky.

The name that seems to make sense when talking about money, is money. But it's the one word that Google just won't use. I don't believe in conspiracies, I just believe that there is a lot of bad design out there. I've also worked for big companies, where one department doesn't know what another department is doing, so I understand. So if you are looking to find out about the money that you are making on your Google blog, or your YouTube videos, here are the terms that I have found as of this writing:

Monetize - That still seems to be the most popular term that Google uses if you are looking to find out about your money.

Earnings - This is the newest term I've found, which is now part of the new Blogger interface.

Revenue Sharing - Interesting enough, I found this on the help page for YouTube, even though the actual page says Monetize.

I hope that this helps.