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Why you should charge for doing Graphic Design

There are a lot of reasons to charge for doing Graphic Design. It is an industry where people ask for free work all the time, for *exposure* or to help out a company. Of course, no one asks a landscape guy to mow their lawn for free, so I really don't know how all of this got started for Graphic Designers. But people will continue to ask for free work from you. And here is another reason to charge for your work that you may not have thought about:

Saying *no charge* to a client can be an embarrassment to them. While you are smiling and feeling like Santa Claus, you could be making them feel like a pest. If this is a business person who is used to getting what they want, they are used to paying for things. That gives them the right to demand what they want. After all, they are paying for it. And if your client wants more from you, they may be reluctant to ask, because you have put them in a weak position. So charge them. It protects their dignity, especially if they need more from you. And they will.

What to charge is your problem. Don't ask your client to figure this out - you have to do it. If you are just starting out, ask for a lunch. Or a six-pack of beer. Just pick anything of value that sounds reasonable. That's what I did starting out, and I still do it for friends. Doing something and saying, *no charge* strokes your ego, but it is a lazy and egotisitcal  thing to do. If you have done it before, stop. You are getting an ego boost at the cost of making your client feel bad.

You aren't worth it.