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Accepting money online

Just because you are selling things online doesn't mean that you have to accept money that way, but it's nice. You can have a website that shows your product or service, describes it, shows pictures, that sort of thing, and people can contact you and pay with anything you desire. If you are a landscaping company, for example, you will have to travel to the client's address anyway, so you can accept only checks. I can't really advise saying, *cash only*, as it can look a little suspicious for your company, but you have the perfect right to do that.

Accepting Credit Cards is, of course, the most professional way to go, and most of your customers will appreciate the convenience. They really don't want to have to dig out their checkbook, find a stamp and an envelope, and then wait for *snail mail*. And if you insist on cashier's checks or money orders, you will discourage a lot of people who would rather not go stand in line at their bank or post office to get one. The main problem with accepting credit cards is that you will begin to see why banks are so rich. Business transactions cost money. A lot of it. Customers don't see this, but businesses who use Visa do. So, if you are just starting out I can't really recommend going to the trouble and expense of accepting Credit Cards.

The solution that I have found, and have been using for years, is PayPal. No, it's not as professional as accepting Credit Cards, but it allows your customers to send money to you right away. And yes, there are fees for using PayPal, but nothing close to what your bank will want to have you accept Visa or MasterCard.

There are a lot of costs associated with running an online business, such as that expensive computer you are looking at right now, the software that you need to run on it, the cost of hosting your website, the cost of creating pages on the website. It would be nice if it didn't cost to run a business, but it does. If you have a product or service that people are clamoring so much for that they don't mind writing checks and mailing them, or if you are doing so much business that having a business account that accepts Credit Cards make sense, by all means do that.

If you do choose to use PayPal, go ahead and absorb the cost of the fees. If you want someone to send you ten dollars, it is going to cost you fifty-nine cents. If you absolutely, positively, need that ten dollars, ask for eleven. That's how businesses are run.

Your customers will appreciate the convenience!