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Designing for mobile devices - making your website easy to use

Re-designing your website for mobile devices and tablets will help make your site easier for people to use. Even though computers screens have gotten much bigger in the last ten years, human impatience is just as short. If your web pages are over-cluttered, people will be unable to find anything. And if your website is over-cluttered, well, I can't blame you. This just sort of seems to happen with time.

From the point of view of many clients, everything that they have wanted to add to their site needed to go on the home page. This makes perfect sense to the client who is already used to what is on the page, and is used to ignoring most of it, but it makes it a jumble for visitors. If you are designing web pages to please this type of client, go ahead and put everything on the home page. If you argue with them, you are just going to make them mad. But your web page will become a mess, and your competitor, who is savvy enough to hire a designer who knows what they are doing, is going to take business away from you.

Graphic Design hasn't really changed in a hundred years. Good design grabs attention and uses shape and color to guide the eye. It is all about priorities. You can't have everything big and bold on the page or nothing will be big and bold. And it needs to be clear at a glance. How much time do you have to communicate? Blink your eyes about three times. That's about it.

Bad design is so common, we all seem to just try to put up with it. I mean, have you tried to buy a Coke from one of the new digital-screen vending machines? And if your website is like this, it's not surprising. On the web, people just won't put up with it, they will click away. You need some good design. If you don't know how to do it, either learn it yourself, or find someone who does know. Good design exists, and it's done by Graphic Designers.

When I first started teaching Graphic Design in the late nineties, I would start my students with *boring, high contrast*, plain black lettering on a white background. Then you go from there. It's easier to move forward than backward. What I am saying is that if your website is over-cluttered, trash it. If you don't do that, no one will be able to unravel it, least of all visitors to your site.