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Designing for mobile devices - should you redesign?

Tearing down that beautiful web page that you have been working on for so many years, just to make it look better on mobile devices, may not be necessary. But it should force you to take a critical look at it, as it may have become a jumbled mess, like a garage that has been neglected for years.

And like a jumbled garage, if your web page has the look of trying to jam every last thing on to every single page, you may benefit from a redesign. The same way you would benefit from cleaning out your garage. But if you don't feel like doing it today, or tomorrow, I understand.

In the past few years web designers have figured out how to pack more into a web page. Many pages have, in addition to what seems like a list of everything on the site, drop-down (Spry) menus that sub-and-sub-and-sublist. If your web page looks like this, I really do appreciate the hard work it takes not only to create a page like this, but the time it took to add all of this stuff. Like squeezing in one more thing into the corner of an already-crowded garage.

But, while you have had years to get used to where everything is on your page, most users just glance at it for a few seconds, and if they can't find what they need, click away. And designing for a web page that is only 320 pixels wide (a smart phone) will force you to look more critically at the *glance-ability* of your page. Nothing has changed in page layout since the beginning of my career over 20 years ago. Good Graphic Design attracts readers, pulls them in, and makes the experience a pleasant one. It takes not only good design skills but good organizational skills. And that's why the best work that I have ever done has been for clients who know about organization. If you want to know if that's you, take a look at your computer desktop right now. Is everything spread all over the place, at random, like socks lying on your floor? If so, you probably disagree with me about cleaning up.

If you agree, go clean up that mess! This is just the time for it.