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How to get free video podcasts from iTunes

There are a lot of cool video podcasts that you can get free from iTunes, if you know how to do it. I am interested in gardening, so I recently discovered a great series of video podcasts from Tatton Park. Yes, these are free. If you are wondering what the *catch* is, from iTunes, it's mostly a way to get you to learn how to use iTunes, and maybe you will come back and buy some stuff. And for the video podcasts themselves, they are made to promote the product or service. In the case of Tatton Park, it promotes visiting the park itself, which is in England. Maybe someday I will!

To get the free video podcasts

• Open iTunes and select iTunes Store. See, I told you that they would get you into the store, but don't worry, you don't have to buy anything.
Once you are in iTunes, select Video Podcasts
When you get there, you will see lots and lots of free video podcasts. You can browse around, choose the one you want and click *subscribe*. The videos download to iTunes and you can watch them right away. Since I am looking for Tatton Park, the easiest thing is to use the search menu

Like I said, it's free, and it gets you into iTunes. Maybe you'll buy something, but you don't have to. Enjoy!