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How to get Readability working again

If you enjoyed using Readability, and were disappointed to find it didn't seem to work on Safari anymore, I have good news. I just tried it in Google Chrome and it works. It's ponderously slow, but it does make the pages much easier to read.

Here is how I did it, with thanks to the tech support at Readability. Go to Google Chrome (you can open it up while you are reading this in Safari) and get the add ons for Readability. Be sure that you go there from inside of Chrome, if you go there from inside of Safari, it will try to give you add ons for Safari. Here is the link Remember to copy this link and paste it into Chrome, don't just click it from here, if you are in Safari.

From Chrome you will be asked do you want to download, yes, yes, yes... that sort of thing. The icon will be hidden away way up in the right looking like a little easy chair. No, I don't blame Readability for that, it's probably the decision of Chrome to put it there like that. Anyway, once it's installed, it works. I am using it tonight for the first time in many, many months. Unfortunately, the page takes over a minute to convert, but, hey, it works, and it's free!