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How to tell if your YouTube video is being watched

As all marketing people know, there is a big difference between having your message glanced at, and largely ignored, and actually watched. If you have a YouTube video with millions of *hits*, it may just be that people are glancing at it and immediately clicking away. That gives you a large hit count, but it really doesn't tell you anything about how the video is being watched.

YouTube has a new tool called *Insight* that can help. To get to it, log in to your YouTube account, and click on the tab that says *Insight*. From there you will find a lot of data, but my favorite one is called *Hot Spots*, which measures audience attention. The audience attention is higher if the video is being watched all the way through, and possibly even rewound and watched again.

In one of my test videos of my dog, there is a very high Audience attention rating, although a very low hit count. People are watching all the way through. Other videos, which don't have the same compelling interest, are lower as people click away.

Take a look at this data. It can help you evaluate if you are creating useful and interesting videos that are actually being watched, or not.