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The secret to getting more visitors to your blog or website

The secret to getting more visitors to your blog or website is like any other *secret*, such as how to lose weight, or how to get a good night's sleep. Not really secrets at all, just good information on how to accomplish your goal. If someone tries to sell you *secrets* on Google Optimization, be prepared to pay for something that you can get for free. And here it is.

To get more visitors to your blog or website -

• Write, short, compelling headlines. Don't lie, of course, but understand that a whole lot more people will start reading an article that says *secrets*, than *I'm gonna tell you some stuff*. And if you feel guilty about using marketing terms like *secret*, consider that to someone who doesn't know, maybe it does seem like a secret. If you need more ideas on how to write short, compelling headlines, go visit a place that sells magazines and glance at the covers.

• Deliver the information that you promise. This takes some writing skills. If you can't do it, find someone who can. Don't use a lot of *industry buzz words*. Write clearly and in complete sentences. Check your spelling and your syntax. Not only will people understand and appreciate what you are saying, the Google bots will index your words, which will give you a higher rating on a Google search.

• Include pictures. People like pictures. Use them. Be sure that they relate to what you are talking about.

• Don't rant. You may feel very strongly about something, but that's no excuse to go off on a tirade about how people don't understand the importance, blah, blah, blah. If I find that I am going off on a rant, I highlight the paragraph and hit *delete*.

• Be original. Don't ever, ever, *cut and paste* from some other page or site.

• Tweet your blog posts. I just did this one right now. The tweet is the headline of your post and include a link.

As you can see, you will need to make an investment in time and possibly money if you hire someone to help you with this. But it will get more visitors, both new and returning, to your blog or site. If someone tries to sell you some type of *short-cut*, they are cheating you.