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Should you learn Dreamweaver or web design?

If you are just starting out to learn how to design for the web, you may be wondering if you should learn Adobe Dreamweaver or if you should learn web design. How you answer that question for yourself will determine your future success. And it will depend on what you want your success to be.

When I first started teaching at The Art Institute of Phoenix, I noticed that there classes were not labelled with the name of the software. Even though the students often called  the class Image Manipulation *Photoshop*, it really wasn't. There is a subtle difference here. Please let me explain.

Obviously, if you are going to learn something, you have to learn the tools involved. In the case of web design, you have to learn Dreamweaver. But if that's all you focus on, it's like learning to be a carpenter by studying *hammer*. Too short-sighted.

If you are working for a company that needs you to do a specific piece of the puzzle related to web design, by all means focus on just using the one tool, Adobe Dreamweaver. If you want to be able to do it all yourself, you will need to step back. And now (I can hear the groans from the class now), you will need to learn HTML and CSS.

HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language, which is what has been used to create web pages since before Dreamweaver was invented. CSS is Cascading Style Sheets, which is what creates the look and the structure of web pages. If you want to learn to design for web, you will need to start with a basic understanding of HTML. Once you have that, Dreamweaver just becomes a power tool that makes it easier. The same with CSS.

I hope that this helps.