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Using the HTML video tag

Update 10/17/2011 - Failed to work on Android using Dolphin browser. Also failed on native Android G2 browser on Google phone.

The video tag in HTML5 makes plug-ins, like Flash, obsolete. It's been a long time coming, and it means no more need for Flash. The video plays right in the browser and uses an MPEG4 file. But before you jump into using the video tag, consider that, as of this writing, it only works on

• Internet Explorer
• Safari
• Google Chrome

I just made a test page, and no, it doesn't work on

• Opera
• Firefox

There are lots of other browsers out there, so I will continue to test. Right now I'm enthusiastic about it. The iPhone and iPad market is too important for me to continue to using Flash videos that don't show up at all. And even on an Android, you have to download the latest version of the Flash player, and a lot of people don't bother.

I've used and taught Adobe products for a long time, although not Flash, and it does sadden me to see Adobe on the verge of losing a lot of money because of this. And if you use Adobe Dreamweaver, you won't see a lot of support for the new tag, but it's there in 5.5. That's why it's good to still be able to do a little hand-coding.

Here is the syntax for the video tag. I'm using an image here because putting in HTML would confuse Blogger. It's great to see MP4 supported!