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Icon confusion in Google Blogger - what does the pencil tool do?

The new language of icons is evolving. I am old enough to remember when things were written out, in English, on computer screens, dashboards of cars, etc. And I am willing to adapt to the new visual language, and I advise my students to do the same. Unfortunately, there really is no standard for what a particular icon looks like, or does, especially with different software, different companies, etc. And Google Blogger is going through a change now where there are now two different functions for the pencil tool.

When you are on one of your posts and you see the pencil tool, it means *edit post*. When you are the new Google Blogger page that used to be known as dashboard (it doesn't have a name anymore), the pencil icon now indicates *create new post*. I wish they wouldn't do this stuff, it makes it hard on people using it, and especially hard on people, like me, who teach it. Actually, in just about every other type of software, including Adobe Dreamweaver, the pencil tool indicates *edit*. I hate to sound like a third-grade English teacher here, but they are using the wrong icon! Languages only work when we all agree what the symbols mean. Are you listening, Blogger?
 Some day we will all look back on this and laugh.