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Icon confusion in Google Blogger - a solution

As a Graphic Designer, I wish sometimes that I could wave a magic wand and get rid of bad design that I have to deal with in a particular piece of software. In the case of Google Blogger, in the area formerly known as dashboard, since they have failed to convert all of their functions over to icons, it would make sense to just write them all out.

This is a *fundamentals of design* issue. And if you are going to write out *View blog* in one of the boxes, there really is no reason to hide all of the other functions under obscure pictures and your logo. In the classes that I teach, I can insist on this, in the real world, I can't. I wish I could.

I'm sure they're working on an icon for *View blog* - maybe someone putting on their glasses or getting binoculars out of a case or something. I wish they wouldn't do this, but they do.