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Super-Dooper High Resolution photos

Like most techy-geeky people, I have a sense of humor about my file management. And the more you learn about how people like me see technology, the more silly, and less intimidating, it will become.

A good example is my naming convention for high-resolution files. In the past few years, I have gotten into the habit of labeling them *HR*. These are jpegs that are optimized to display much bigger than what would be appropriate on the layout of a web page, so that you can see detail, that sort of thing. Most web pages that I do are no wider than 1000 pixels, so a jpeg that is as wide as that I just consider a high-resolution image, and it is linked to, and never directly on, a web page layout.

There really isn't much reason for an image to be an larger than that, but I have occasionally done what I have come to call *Super-Dooper High Resolution*, which I label SDHR. These files are not for use on the web, as they would take forever to display. They are for offset litho printing, which is a whole 'nother world.

Offset litho printing is how magazines and newspapers are printed. And while the printing quality of an average newspaper really doesn't look all that good to the casual observer, it is much, much, better than the quality of a computer screen. Really. And because of that, if you use a regular resolution image from the web for offset litho, it will look terrible, that is, all pixellated and jaggy. So for them, I supply SDHR files!

Oops, I guessed I missed two naming conventions, SHR and SDPSHR!