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Using playlists in iTunes and on your iPod

A playlist can be more useful than just as a preparation for burning a CD in iTunes. Like most people, I guess, that's all I used it for. My iPod organizes things in songs, albums, TV shows, podcasts, movies, etc. and I figured that was enough. And a playlist really isn't necessary if you are just going to listen to music, or watch movies, only on your computer. Where it really comes in handy is when you are looking for things on your iPod.

I know that they meant well, but categories like TV or Podcasts really aren't helpful to me when I'm looking for something on my iPod. And this is where playlists can be so helpful. I have a tendency to think, *hey, I'd like to see something with Rowan Atkinson in it* - so I create a playlist called *Rowan Atkinson*, and put his stuff there, which my iPod considers to be in multiple categories, like podcasts, TV shows, movies.

Oddly enough, while there is only the category *playlists* in iTunes, there are two categories on your iPod - *playlists* and *video playlists*. I guess technically is should be *audio playlists* and *video playlists*. So if you aren't seeing the playlists that you just created in iTunes on your iPod under *playlists*, check under *video playlists*. I wish they wouldn't do this stuff, but they do!