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Why there is no such color as pink

There are millions of colors on your computer screen right now. But there really is no such color as pink. It's all about agreeing on what we call a color, and I think that you will agree with me. Please let me explain.

A good way to describe a color is to say that you can't describe it. I mean, what's the difference between blue and red? On the other hand, we can describe lightness and darkness. If you know what blue is, I can describe it to you as light blue, or dark blue. The more white you put into a color, the lighter it gets, the more black, the darker. You are not creating different colors, you are only creating different shades of the same color. If you add white to green, you get light green, white to yellow, light yellow, and so on.

If you add white to red, you get light red. It is the only color that seems to have a name for its lighter version, and that name is pink. But there really is no pink, it's just light red.