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The end of the internet frontier

When law comes to town, the frontier is doomed. The new laws being proposed, and ones that will follow regulating the internet, will mean the end of the frontier as surely as the coming of lawmen did to the old west.

If you liked the frontier, I sympathize. And if you were one of the first people there, I can understand a resistance to having to deal with fences - rules, regulations. But a lot more people are moving into the frontier of the internet, and when that happens, you need law and order.

It's going to be quite a battle. And anytime you try to crowd a lot of people on what used to be *wide open spaces*, it's frustrating for the people who remember how it used to be. Back in the day when all you needed was a handshake to make a deal, back when neighbors looked after themselves and didn't go running to a sheriff, or a lawyer. But the fences are on their way. And the laws that will be created to discourage the bad guys will make it more inconvenient for the good guys. And the bad guys will continue to find ways around the system.

The internet has been a frontier for fifteen years now. Old-timers like us will remember the freedom. Future generations will never know.