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How to make your customers your salespeople

Long before the internet, when a product or service went *viral*, it was called *word of mouth advertising*. The idea here is to have your customers advertise for you. And if you have a good product or service, most people are happy to do this for you. Right now millions of people are promoting a product to each other, making millions of dollars for the owners and investors. If you want to learn how to do this, I suggest that you study the masters.

The ultimate in this type of marketing is, of course, sports. Nothing compares to how loyal fans *sell* each other all of the time, from wearing the logos of their favorite teams, to just talking about it and building up interest. However much the NFL does with direct advertising, it's nothing compared to the amount of exposure that they get from their fans. And if you think it just happens naturally, well, you don't know how marketing works. It has to be done in a wonderfully subtle way, or your customers will figure you out, and resist being *unpaid salespeople*.

The absolute worst thing that you can do is to give away your intentions. If you want someone to advertise your product or service on their clothing or on their car, avoid the temptation to include a web address. That's a dead giveaway. Yeah, I know you're thinking, but how will people make the connection between the advertising and getting to my store? Believe me, they will. And if you shoot yourself in the foot by being too obvious right from the beginning, you don't stand a chance.

When I look at the marketing for the NFL, all I can say is *these guys are good*.