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Making money from your art

If you enjoy creating art, whether it be drawing, painting, music, or any other type of art, you may have considered finding a way to *pay the bills* with it. That is, making it your living, or your livelihood. It can be a dangerous step to take, but if you don't take the step, well, you will never know. But art can be your life without being your livelihood. If you love to draw or paint or sing, just do it. As a good friend of mine once said about his piano playing, he gets many requests, but he keeps playing anyway!

Taking a businesslike attitude toward art means learning about business. Most people only know about getting paid for their time, so getting paid for a product or service is completely different. And that's what your art, or music, really is in terms of business, a product or service. And like any product or service, you can start by giving it away, but you will need to move it over to getting paid if you want to make money on it.

Getting paid real money for your art is kind of cool. The best advice that I ever got on that subject was from my high school art teacher, who said that if someone liked a drawing, offer to sell it to them. It takes guts! My first *sales* of my artwork were in exchange for something of value. And that's where it starts. If someone values your art, they will show it. Just having someone say that they *like* it doesn't really prove anything. You need to put it to the test.

The good news is that there is a whole world of business out there for talented people like you. There are gigantic companies and huge fortunes that are based on something as simple as as drawings, or songs. The relations between publishing companies and artists can be strained at times, it's true, they they need each other. You may not know anything about copyright, but your publishing company, or record company does. This is a world of contracts, and licensees, and it's good for you to know a little bit about this stuff.

If, however, you feel that all art and music should be free, by all means, do your art, or record your music and post it for free on the internet. You will probably get a lot of followers, hits, shares, and *likes*. But don't expect any money, that's now how it works.