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Forgetting about *followers*, focusing on visits in Google+

I have been telling my clients that getting *followers* on their blog, on Facebook, and now on Google+ is meaningless. I advise not showing followers of your blog and now I am advising not showing followers on your Google+ pages. And it's all about focusing on what is important.

I will admit that it feels pretty good on Facebook when you do a rant about your favorite movie, and immediately one of your close friends *likes* it. And it does seem kind of strange to put something out there, like the posts that I do on this blog, and not see the faces of your audience. This blog, and the others that I write, has very, very few *followers* - I think a few close friends clicked the *follow* button before I removed it. And since I'm not writing for my close friends, I really can't blame them if they never read a word of my posts. But my blogs are constantly being visited - which I can see in Google Analytics. And I can see visitors who go from my blogs to my website.

What you are looking for, and what you can achieve on Google+, is a wide audience. One of the best features of Google+ is the search bar on top. Hey, it's Google! If you want to see some cool stuff about dachshunds, for example, just type it in and you are immediately immersed in a wiener dog world, with interesting people to talk to. Sure, you will find the *LOL hehehehe* stuff there, these are human beings after all, but mostly you will see thoughtful articles and comments, and some really beautifully-displayed photos.

So, when you post on Google+ plus, be sure to use keywords. If there is a picture of you and your dachshund, write the word *dachshund* or *wiener dog*, not just *me and Peppy*. People will find your Google+ post, read it and look at the pictures and may want to find out more about you, and your product or service. They may or may not + it (which is Google+'s equivalent of the Facebook *like*).

So stop checking your *followers* or *circles* or whatever, and focus on getting meaningful content out there. That's what the web, and the Google Search Engine, is all about anyway!