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How Facebook works

If you're puzzled by Facebook, I can help to explain it to you. If you've never used it, or if you've used if for a long time and still don't quite *get it*, this should help.

Facebook is a gathering of friends. In spite of whatever you may have heard about *privacy problems*, Facebook is indeed a private place. Even though it's on the internet, it's easy to keep everything you say, and every picture you post, as private as is possible, seen only by your chosen friends and family. And because of this, it's a safe place to be.

The place to start on Facebook is to make everyone that can see your postings someone that is your friend. You give people permission to enter your Facebook space. And if you're self-conscious about making mistakes in front of strangers, there is no need to be, as there are no strangers there. Like all good gatherings of friends, they are supportive of your efforts. Statements that you make, and pictures that you post, are immediately responded to with something positive, or at the very least, the *like* button. It feels good.

Compare it to giving a piano recital in front of close and supportive friends. You can be assured that they will like what you do, because they are your friends. Facebook is a place for loyalty. And because of that, it is the very best social media place to start. Believe me, you will not feel foolish, you will feel welcomed.

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If, on the other hand, you are in a business, or are trying to promote yourself, using Facebook is pretty much useless. If you are looking for exposure, not just the adoration of your friends, you will need to get on a stage that goes beyond your group of friends. This is the same step that a band makes when it accepts a gig at a club, instead of just playing in a garage for their friends. It's a scary step, and it means performing in front of a group of strangers, people who are not already your friends, people who will judge your product, service, or company on its own merits. And if you have merit, people will be attracted to you for that, not because they are already your friends. That's a good feeling, too.

Facebook is the shallows, where the water is warm. If you want to swim in the ocean, you will need to break away someday. But Facebook is the perfect place to start.