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How to create a Google+ page for your business

Creating a Google+ page for your business requires two steps - creating one for yourself, and then creating the business page. The reason for this is part of why I prefer Google+ to Facebook. Please let me explain.

A Google+ account is for real people. In their help page, they politely ask you to go elsewhere if you choose to be anonymous. If, for whatever reason, you need to be anonymous, Google+ is not for you. I am Brad Hall, owner of BradHallArt, and have been a public person all of my life. My website has been up for over ten years, I write multiple blogs, and I have taught at colleges and training companies since the mid 90's. I have no desire to be anonymous. I have had a Google Profile for years, and when you search for Brad Hall in a Google search, I hope that you find me.

Once you have created your Google+ profile, you will see this graphic, which you click on to begin building your page. This page is administered by you, but has the profile of your company. I recommend using a different profile picture, to be sure that you are posting as your company when you want to, not as yourself.

Once you have created your page, don't be concerned with followers, treat it as you would any web page that is indexed by Google. Write in complete sentences, use keywords. There really is no limit to how much you can write, but Google+ is not a blog, so keep it fairly short and simple. I find that a paragraph or two is plenty. And be sure to include a visual with each posting. And be sure to make your postings *public*. Needless to say, write things that you want the public to see.

Your customers and clients will find your business page the same way that they find anything on the web, with a search. The search box is built right into Google+.

And since you are the owner and administrator, you don't need to stop with one business page. You can create as many pages as you like, including one for your favorite hobby, or your other business, or whatever. It's actually kind of fun. I created a page for my hobby, The Tropical Paradise, a page for one of my businesses, Caricatures for special events, a page for my Cartoon Illustration, and a page for another hobby of mine, collecting historical information about Phoenix, Arizona.

Once you're on Google+, look me up. It's a pretty cool place to be!