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How to gain exposure on the web

As a marketing person and Graphic Designer, my job is to help you to get exposure. That means getting your message out there, getting your product or service ranked high on a Google search, getting people to talk about you, which should hopefully lead to more customers getting in touch with you so that they can purchase your product or service.

If you are already have all the business you need, you do not need to go looking for exposure on the web. You need to attend to the business you have right now, and get it done. There are a lot of people like that out there. They don't need business cards, they don't need to advertise, they don't need a website. Some of them have full-time secretaries just to deal with their correspondence to politely turn offers down.

If you would like more exposure on the web, here is how you do it

• Get a professionally-designed website. This is definitely the first step. And it may be all that you need to do. This is the storefront for your product or service, and maybe all you need to do is to build it, and customers will come.

• Write a blog. Blogging for your business is like being your own Press Release person. Say good things about your product or service. Repeat the same information that is on your website just in case people find your blog, and not your website. Do it again. Repeat.

That really should be more than enough. A great website and a steady stream of blog posts - be absolutely sure to use Google Blogger, not WordPress or anything else - and the web will find you, and if you have a good product or service, word will spread.

If you feel that you have to do more, you can create a page on Facebook and on Google Plus. Personally, I'd rather see my clients *burning off nervous energy* on Facebook, which is pretty much useless for exposure, than messing around with their website, which is probably just fine. And if they would like to do their product or service some good, I advise writing a blog post. Every day. At least once a week.

There are about a million more things that you can do to gain exposure on the web, but their return on your effort is minimal.

Go write another blog post!