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How to use Facebook as a business

If you have a business, you need to be on Facebook. It's the most popular party in town, and you need to show your face. This is how you do it -

• Open a Facebook account, create the page, post a good profile picture, fill out all of the information. No, you don't need to put in silly stuff like if you're in a relationship, or your Zodiac sign! What you are looking for is the most dignified presence that you can have in the slightly-silly world of Facebook.

• Write a couple of posts yourself. Just say something like *our new offices just opened in Cincinnati* or something like that. Don't be cute or funny, unless you're a comedian. If you are a motivational speaker, use some of your best lines like *Success comes in cans, not in cannots!* People will be attracted to that, and will click the *like* button, or make a positive comment. Facebook is a popularity contest - and it's great to be popular!

After that, there really isn't much else that you need to do except monitor the page for spam or inappropriate language. Most of the content of your Facebook page will be filled in by people who are *friending* or *liking* you, and writing comments such as *Glad to finally see that you are in Cincinnati!* or similar.

Once you've done all that, go back to what really matters, which is enhancing your Search Engine Optimization by using Google Blogger, Google Plus, and updating your Google Profile.