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How to use Google

If you have ever wondered what the capital of Bolivia is, or who was the star of *North by Northwest*, or just about anything else, you can find it by using Google. This is how you do it -

If you are using Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Opera, there is an area along the top of the browser window that will allow you to type in anything and have Google search for it. You don't even have to spell it correctly, Google will figure it out. Google is a search engine, and while there are other ones, Google is the most popular. You may have heard people say, *I will Google that when I get home...* Other major search engines are Yahoo and Bing.

When you get to the Google page that lists the capital of Bolivia, or whatever you were looking for, you have the option of seeing images, videos, or articles. There is no need to go to the Google-specific page for images, or videos. It's all there. By the way, if you misspelled Bolivia, it will say *did you mean....* but it will give you the option to search for Bolvia if you prefer.

Google has a built in algorithm that learns about what you want. Each time you go back to Google it remembers a little bit more about you. If you visit sites that are about the architecture of Bolivia, it will give me more results the next time related to architecture. If you visit sites about the food of Bolivia, it will remember that preference, too. Google knows what city you are in, so if you search for K-Mart, it will find the closest one for you on the first page and push the other locations to the other pages.

This isn't magic, or demonic artificial intelligence, this is just how a computer can access a database and update it. This technology has been around since the invention of computers. And now it helps you to find stuff. Cool.