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How to write a post in Google+

One of the great things about Google+, as compared to Facebook and Twitter, is that the content is more meaningful. There are definitely a lot less people writing status updates like *I'm drinking a cup of coffee now*. Since I am enjoying exploring what other people have to say in Google+, I would like to encourage what I consider the correct way to post there.

This is how you do it -

• Write in full sentences, with keywords, such as *training dachshunds*. Google+ has a built-in search, so if you want people to find your posts, use the words that they would use for searching. It is Google, after all!

• Don't fill up your post with a lot of hash-tags, or ampersands, or other such nonsense. It makes your post look like you are trying to do some sort of Search Engine trick. Just write something interesting, for example, about dachshunds.

• Include an image. This is something that Google+ does really, really, well. An eye-catching image can get people to look at your post. If you don't want to include an image, go post on Twitter or Facebook.

• Click the +1 button for posts that you like. You don't have to join a circle or write anything like *LOL hehehehe*. Just click the button.

Thank you. See you there!