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How to write your next blog post

If you've just created your blog, and written your first blog post, it's time to write another one. The important thing to remember is to consider that your audience probably hasn't read any other of your posts and probably has no intention to. So, whatever you do, don't tell people to go and read what you already wrote - it's tempting to do, but rude.

Instead, look at your blog posts as stand-alone compositions, inspired by whatever you would like to share. So, start with a good title - remember that Google is indexing your titles, and if someone types in *how do I write my next blog post?* maybe they will find the one you are writing. Nearly 100% of the people who visit my blogs are finding information on Google. They are not *followers*.

So, get those keywords into the title of your next post. If your blog is about gardening, you may want to write a headline that says, *How to plant daffodils* or *Making daffodils bloom* or *Ten reasons why the daffodils in your garden are dead*. Those are the keywords that your potential readers will search for, and find, in your blog. Writing a headline like *My next great idea for a blog post* will attract no one.

And changing around your gadgets or your template on your blog is mostly a waste of time. Write a post!