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Protecting your reputation on the internet

The internet is a public place. And if you choose to go out into this public place, people will see you, they will hear you. People will probably talk about you, and it may or may not be the truth. Yes, the vast majority of people out there are good and considerate, but there are always some bad guys. Some people are just plain mean, twisted, and malicious, and they make life miserable for the rest of us.

In a public place, whether it be in a high school or the internet, if you have someone who wants to try to destroy your reputation, there really isn't much you can do directly. Everyone has known a vicious gossip, or someone who delights in ridiculing people, and they are as prevalent on the internet as they are in *real life*. It would be nice if these kinds of people would just go away, but, sigh, they won't.

Here's what you can do to protect your reputation on the internet -

• Google yourself. Type your name, and your company's name into Google regularly. See what comes up under images and videos, too. Chances are very good that no one is taking the time to ruin your reputation - maybe the images you see are from a company party when your eyes were glassy - or maybe you see your avatar from a forum you posted in years ago. Don't worry about that stuff.

• Bury the bad stuff with good stuff. Post your own information about you, and your company. Write blog posts, post images, upload videos. Be sure to use Google Blogger and YouTube. The Google bots will index this better information and push the stray stuff back a few pages in a Google search.

Whatever you do, don't get involved in a *flame war* with someone - just remember that slinging mud just makes both people muddy. I like to think back on a friend of mine in high school who responded to a nasty comment said to him by just rising above it and saying, *live with the guilt*.

You're a good person and you have an excellent company. You deserve to be in a public place like the internet. Keep doing the right thing. Your reputation will speak for itself.