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Saying goodbye to Twitter

For years I have been advising my clients to *tweet* their blog posts. That is, copy the URL, write something eye-catching and post it all on Twitter. It's what I have always done. It gives a little extra *kick* to promote your blog, which of course, is on Google Blogger.

But now with Google+, there is no need to go to all of that trouble. And in fact, it makes more sense to share your blog post on Google+ than to tweet it. If what you are looking for is exposure on the web, you are looking for the highest possible ranking in the Google Search Engine. That is, to be on page one or two. And the tight integration of Google+ with Google Search just makes it work better than Twitter.

This is how you do it

After you've published your post in Google Blogger (and yes, you need to be in Google Blogger for this - if you are on WordPress or somewhere else, move), click *Share*. That puts your post right on your Google+ stream.

This is what it looks like in your stream on Google+

So, the new technique is: write your blog post, then share on Google+

And goodbye to Twitter.