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What to do after your website is complete

The best thing that you can do with your website, after it's complete, is to leave it alone. It's just human nature to want to go back and tinker with it, and as a Graphic Designer I've seen a lot of this. It's good for me, as I charge by the hour, but it's bad for my client, and for people using my client's web page.

Think of your website as if it was your store. Once it's built, and everything is set up, there is really no reason to move the doors to somewhere else, or move the shelves around. If you need to add something, that is a different story, but why are you adding something? It might be better to build another store.

After your website is complete, leave it alone. The time and energy that you have should not be put into changing the website, instead, it should be put into marketing the website. This is what you should do -

• Create a Twitter account - and tweet about your product or service

• Create a Facebook page - and write about your product or service

• Create a Blog, like this one, and promote your product or service

The web site is done. Now get out there and tell everybody about it!