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Why should you use Google Plus?

Google Plus is not a replacement for Facebook. Facebook is a place for friends. Google Plus is a place for business contacts. And if you are interested in improving your exposure for your business on Google searches, you need to get involved with Google Plus. If you just want to connect with friends and have fun, stick with Facebook. Personally, I use both. Please let me explain.

Google Plus is for people who want exposure, and want to control it on Google. If the only thing that comes up in Google when people search for you is a random high school picture that someone posted back in 2003, then it's time to take control. And you do that with a Google Profile and Google Plus. This is what you do -

Create a Google account. If you already have gmail, you already have one. Fill out your Google Profile. Upload pictures of yourself that you want people to find when they search for you. Describe your business. Create links to your website, your blogs, articles written about you, that sort of thing. Then make some connections with other pros in your field that you know. It starts off slowly, but the connections get made. Google's bots do most of the work.

In addition to Tweeting your blogs, post them to Google Plus. This will help you ultimately get much more exposure than just showing stuff to your friends on Facebook.

But don't give up on Facebook! It's fun and it's a great place to communicate with friends. Excuse me, I gotta go see if someone *liked* my last post in Facebook. But I'll be sure to post this to Google Plus!